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    1. Wotspur
      Wotspur skiathospurs
      Well what a result last night, hope you were able to,see it ........a Friend Peppar Fox has just registered to join, is it,easy to do , I'm not,sure how to,do it........she lives in Plymouth, but,loves,the,Spurs , and yesterday went to Leicester
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    2. Thfcire
      Thfcire Yid
      Mate this message public ??
    3. Rev John Ripsher
      Rev John Ripsher birdonaball
      Hi Natasha,
      Really good to meet you last night, hope you enjoyed yourself and got home safely.
      I would like to keep in touch with you, my mobile number is 00447534670756
      Lets meet up again on your return.
      Best regards
    4. Yid
    5. Yid
    6. Basskadet
      Min nama Matt and ic hierte Tota Hátspura
    7. Dorset
      My current status is .... what's it got to do with you?