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2021/2022 Season Review...



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If you can be arsed...

Feel free to drop in a season review for the 2021/2022 season...

Got a busy week but I'll add mine in a few days...
Don Diaz

Don Diaz

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Christ where do you start? game 1 against the new and the previous champions, with Nuno at the helm.......we won 1-0 and went on in that vein and were still joint top after 9 games with 20 points with Liverpool. City weren't top 4 and Arsenal were bottom or close to it.

March 15th - 11 games to go, Nuno had gone, we were still8th, played a game more and were 6 points behind Woolwich. 6pm 22nd May, we're 4th, only 3 points behind Chelsea and in Champions League.

What a fucking season, Don Tony is a living miracle worker, I love Poch and hope he will come back one day, with proper backing from egg head, but for now Antonio is a legend and must be given the chance to have a crack at Champions League and the Premier League next season.

Review? we started off winning 1-0 luckily and barely creating chances, passionless football, just horrible - no real change from Mourinho and players not giving much of a fuck.... then Don Tony shows up and it's night and day different, a few dodgy weeks when we could have gone up to third with games in hand, but chose to lose to Burnley, Saints and Wolves instead, bollocks sprang to mind then finally winning 8 of our last 11 games or something, Leicester City extra time, Champions League, smashing Arsenal, scoring a shed load of goals in the process and Sonny wins the golden boot.

Funny old game. Probably be the same next season.....but we will be off to European cities supporting the lads and having a beer again. Lovely stuff.


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Sooo where do I start.

We were awoken from the anti football nightmare we had endured for a year as "that cunt" was given the tin-tac...

Ding dong the witch was gone and we were in a position to move forwards with a new progressive manager...

Trouble was that no cunt wanted the job... we were at best unattractive and at worst a poisoned chalice. The Club had approached 3 or 4 top flight gafgers who all said "and work mirracles with fuck all money... who do you think I am, Maurico Pochetinhio...?"

So we ended up with 4 or 5th choice Nuno Espirito De Santos... We've all said it, decent gaffer at Wolves, did wonders with no real money and had them playing attractive attacking football, getting some big scalps, decent league finishes for their money and seems a thoroughly nice chap...

So when Nuno arrived I was quietly optimistic that he might rise to the challenge of a club actually competing with the top 4...

He just folded his arms... and looked a bit stern on the touchline. I can't really comment much more than that because I saw, nothing else.

We blagged 3 league wins 1-0 and played some farmers in a made up sightseeing European tour thingy and everyone without eyes thought that maybe were that side now... get a goal or two and shut up shop... those watching the games knew very differently.

We were a fucking headless shambles of horse shit who somehow managed to win enough games for us to top the league for a short while and progress in some shit cup...

Then we faced Palace and the shit show started... they haded our arses to us along with other London clubs and some French gape pickers and our true identity shone through...

This seemed to be enough to prompt the deranged pip squeek in to conceding to a real managers demands. He only wanted to select his actual coaching staff and some players to improve this bat shit crazy squad... why was that a problem first time he was interviewed...?

So Conté was now on board and he witnessed the schizophrenia first hand almost threatening to throw the towel in immediately...

We carried on like this until January when it seemed that the lads started to get it... from Jan we looked like a side with a plan... a flimsy plan but one that was without doubt working. The new recruits obviously helped and I can't think of another January signing that has had such an immediate impact on a side like Bentancur did to us... oh maybe Kulesevski... they have both been phenomenal signings who have slotted in seamlessly and actually brought on the level of the players around them in spades...

Yeah we sucked arse in the FA/League Cups but I don't think this squad could have done both and the league... I think Conté probably knew that also.

So all eggs in one huge Spursy shaped basket...!!!

We still churned out some bizarre couldn't give a shit performances against sides who we should have been beating and then stepped it up when big games dictated... as we drew towards the end of the season I got more and more confident in us doing what we were doing... belief was well and truly back and I knew we could do it... if we gave 100% and implemented Contés plan as he envisaged.

Last day of the season was, for a change, an absolute joy with the cuckoo's playing for chump change and us signing off with a huge win and Son collecting a very very well deserved golden boot in a season that has seen so many Spursy moments is getting harder to shake that rep...

Great season overall despite Dr Evils interference and stubbornness for more money. Glad he was made to see sense and do what was required... I don't expect him to learn any valuable lesson from the experience.

I fucking hate the Bin Dippers even more and was in raptures at Shitty taking it to the wire and making them believe they had a chance...

Same again next year...?



Player in Training.
Preseason: just an embarrassment.
Start: great.
Middle: horror show.
End: how the hell did we get away with it? Thank you Mr. Conte