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Attention all ( The Rulez )

Style And Glory

Style And Glory

On My High Trojan Horse
Founding Member
I suppose that I should take the responsibility for the disharmony caused after I joined and then invited a few disaffected members from The Fighting Cock or Cockerel as it’s now known.

I decided to join another Forum as I want to talk Spurs and was fed up with all the bickering and WUMs on there!

So I understand that they have all left and I took a break to let the dust settle and hope that this is now the case.

I’ve read through this thread and some fair points have been made.

I hope that a fresh start can be made and that I’m not in anyone’s ignore list!

If anyone has a problem with me then please send me a message and hopefully we can sort out any issues like adults.

All I want is to talk Spurs and have a laugh doing so as I’ve followed us since 1961!!

All the best and COYS!!
No worries @DMackay.

Recent history has shown that if you bring up player ratings...


Player in Training.
Fair enough mate, I don't think the current argy-bargy is related to you or your mates. I don't know how bad that got - my ignore button was pressed a bit sharpish.

There is a new member who is getting right on everybody's thrupnies. If you or any other new members want to enjoy the banter - a thick skin is necessary, going crying to admin every time they get called a rude word, explaining to long standing members what the rules are and generally being a total cunt is probably not the best way to be accepted. Despite what it seems like we are a friendly bunch here, we have disagreements, sometimes heated, we call each other cunts, there aren't any moderators and we haven't needed them. The first and only rule is don't be a cunt, and if you are don't whinge like a girl if you are called one.

Fair enough mate

I don’t mind being called a cunt as I occasionally act like one so will take it on the chin!

The shit that goes on in TFC is unbelievable

Little internet gangs grassing you up to the Moderator in the hope that you will get banned which has happened several times for the simple reason that their opinion differs from theirs!

I honestly can’t be bothered with that kind of crap as we’re talking adults here!!
Or supposed to be!

Apparently SC is even worse!


Player in Training.
Long standing is no qualification for respect and I will show none to bullying and uncouth posters.
I will not take advice from such individuals who command no respect from me.