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Havocc's Unsung Heroes - Episode 2



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Ok, I know I said a monthly feature...but this was going to be the first one, and it was written and I love the guy

Episode 2 – Roman Pavlychenko

Super, Super Pav, Super Pavlychenko

I am not sure why I love Super Pav so much. I cannot put my finger on it….but if anyone asked me to name a 25 squad from the last 25 years, his name would be one of the first on it.

In my opinion, one of the most technically gifted finisher I have ever seen at the club. Just check these out:

Could that be one of the best compilation videos ever? I never remember him missing chances regularly. Most of those goals are pretty special!

Spurs forked out £13.7 in September 2008, making his debut on the 15th Against Villa. He scored his first goal against the barcodes in the league cup and his first league goal a month later against Bolton. Harry Redknapp’s first game in charge.

14 goals in 36 appearances would be his equal best tally for the Russian (2010-2011),slowly moving to 4th choice striker under Harry. His frustration was evident when he threw his dummy out the pram after being substituted in the 2-1 against Man City, with the manager being quoted as saying:

"I don't like that, It's not something I like. You're looking to scrap away. The fans are here and paying their money to watch and I think when a player runs down the tunnel without sitting down and watching and getting behind the team, I think that is disrespectful to his team-mates”

Although Pav later apologised, he never recovered in his relationship with Redknapp. I believe it truly was the case of Right Player, Right Club, and Wrong Manager. Although Harry can be forgiven considering the success he had at the club.

2008-2009 also saw Pav score in every cup game except the 2009 League Cup final, losing to United 4-1 on penalties.

2009-2010 saw more frustration as he was put behind Keane, Crouch and Defoe in the team. Although there was interest from many clubs (Roma, AC Milan, Zenit) Spurs kept hold of him and Pav went on to have a better goals per minute ratio then any of the other strikers at the club.

10 goals in 24 appearances, including important goals against the Young Boys of Bern, Chelsea and 2 goals against Birmingham to confirm Tottenham’s 5th place league finish

2010- 2011 saw an improvement in games (36) and a return of 14 goals. Still a better ratio than all the other strikers at the club.

Finally, by December of the 2011 – 2012 season. Pav had been limited to 18 minutes of EPL game time and finished his time at spurs with 4 goals in 14. A training ground bust up with Kevin Bond caused the club to sell Pav for £8 million and replace him with Louis Saha (facepalm). Pav’s attitude was awful, threatening to sit on the bench for the remaining 18 months if not sold. A sad end to a decent Spurs career

Pav never recovered his goalscoring boots at Lokomotiv, with 12 goals in 55 apearances

So his overall tally was 42 goals in 113 appearances. Almost 1-3 game. I truly believe this would have been much higher under a different manager.

For me, a great goal scorer and a scorer of great goals. I don’t think fans remember him too fondly, but you cannot deny this boys quality.

As always, I will finish this off with an awful tribute video* (That free kick though….)

Right in the feels, I love you Super Pav


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I always thought he had a good touch and shot on him but would easily go missing in games, a bit like a lightweight Berbatov. Both players had the ability to pull off something special or just walk around shrugging their shoulders if it wasn't happening for them.


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SPS (Super Pav Syndrome) has been the subject of many scientific studies. Research teams have been trying to understand why so many Tottenham Hotspur fans became slightly engirged in the trouser region while discussing the Russian player who made 78 apoearances for the North London team.

Renowned Professor Wilbur Dorset of the Sherborne Institute of Cleverness conducted the famous Dorset's Goon experiment, an Arsenal fan was locked in a box with a dead cat while a sound was made everytime a piece of rancid old meat was fed to the subject. Professor Dorset stated he was pleased with the outcome of the experiment but many more tests need to be done before SPS could be fully understood, ideally every Arsenal fan in the World would need to be put into a box with a possibly dead cat, or alive, who knows?

SPS, also known as Bobbyitis, due to the irrational feelings of respect and manlove felt towards Spanish footballing god Roberto Soldado, who despite having scored a few less goals than expected is revered by many Tottenham fans, because he is triffic, a top, top bloke, a legend.

Paulinho's syndrome is the opposite of SPS, people with this usually question whether certain players are actually equipped with testicles. Deucism has been wrongly confused with a xenophic hatred of Americans, professor Dorset has pointed out that although Dempsey was without doubt a female orrifice used in the process of reproduction, Brad Friedel is the total oppisite, an enormous swinging appendage of awesomeness who will live long in the hearts of many Spurs fans.

Luckilly, there is no cure for SPS or Bobbyitis and sufferers are happy to bask in the warm glow of happy memories of the cheeky little Russian and Spanish chaps, depite Super Pav being over six feet tall he is remembered as being little like Bobby.


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@Yid suffered from this he never stopped about him ,then PAC done this did you see him do that ?? Isn't he ace?? Lol