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    Is there an emoji for.... ?

    Discussion in 'Rudi's bar' started by Dorset, Oct 28, 2016.

    1. Dorset

      Dorset The Voice Of Reason Founding Member

      Jul 2016
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      Emojis. They are proper little fuckers eh? I have noticed that more and more businesses are sending me emails with these little critters in the title and liberally spread throughout the text. That would be fine if I was 6 years old or a fucking retard, but I am 60 in about 3 weeks ( fuck, you could have got a million to one on that when I was younger, one of my nicknames was 'Early' as in grave! ) - and my brain is actually functioning better now than it has done for yonks because I can't drink any sweet, sweet booze to soothe my tortured mind and quieten the voices at the moment.

      So my question is: Is there an emoji for :
      • 'You can stick that fucking emoji up your arse'?
      • 'I am not a glass half full kind of guy I am a glass in the face of cunts who send me emails full of these infantile fucking emojis kind of guy'
      • 'Oi selfish ignorant, facist, sun reading flag-waving Brexit voter - I am going to fuck you over, quietly and subtly and when you least expect it'
      If there is, don't bother to tell me because then I will have to find an emoji for 'I am going to buy a can of petrol now and....'
    2. skiathospurs

      skiathospurs Well-Known Member Founding Member

      Jun 2016
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      I would like a straining for a shit emoji if anyone could find......
    3. Yid

      Yid Well-Known Member Founding Member

      Jun 2016
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