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    Leader, Legend and not a cunt.

    Discussion in 'Player Discussion' started by Flump, Aug 23, 2016.

    1. Flump

      Flump Well-Known Member Founding Member

      Jul 2016
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      Happy Birthday Gary Mabbutt. Title says it all.
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    2. Ted the Yid

      Ted the Yid Well-Known Member Founding Member

      Aug 2016
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      Class player.

      I once was standing in a country pub when Gary walked in, I had a pint with him and had a bit of a chat. He popped in on his way to Gerry Francis wedding.

      Absolute gentleman. Sadly, I was too pissed to remember what we talked about.
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    3. skiathospurs

      skiathospurs Well-Known Member Founding Member

      Jun 2016
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      Let me regale you with "when I met Mabbs".
      It was at the Greaves benefit and looking around the room I could see a lot of old faces,"oh there`s Chivers and Beale,the general with shreevesey"...So the way I went clutching my tottenham biography to be signed by all,my route around the room took me first to Mabbutt,who was immaculately dressed in a suit as if he had walked straight from the set of boardwalk empire.
      "excuse me skip could you sign this for me"
      "do you know what,I speak to gazza on the phone almost everyday,and ever since i have known him he has never called me gary,mabbsy or anything else except skipper".
      This I loved as A) he was talking almost comparing me to gazza in my mind and B)the fact he cares about the welfare of an ex-team mate inspite of the trials and tribulations and hassle that comes with caring for paul gascoigne.So in my mind he is also a hugely decent human being as well as a true legend.A very good captain and great defender too I may add.
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