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    Lloris and Kane - Pochettino

    Discussion in 'Spurs Discussion' started by boo, Nov 17, 2016.

    1. boo

      boo Well-Known Member Founding Member

      Sep 2016
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      "They have current contracts and they are very happy. That is the most important thing.

      "Maybe there are a lot of rumours that can affect our fans, but the fans need have no worries about this because the players show their commitment to the club -- they want to be here for the long term.

      "Hugo Lloris and Harry Kane are very happy to be here. They want success with us. I don't see the problem.

      "The club and the players are talking about maybe improving or having extended contracts. I think it's not a big problem to do."

      Pochettino said he "100 percent trusts" the club and chairman Daniel Levy, adding: "The future is brilliant.

      "I think the club is doing a great job and the players too. They want to be at Tottenham, they feel it's a project and it's a club that has the potential to be one of the best in the future."

      "You cannot compare their situation with another player.

      "What happens in another club is their business. Tottenham cannot compare with another club -- we have our own philosophy."
    2. Havocc

      Havocc Well-Known Member Founding Member

      Sep 2016
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      Headline on tomorrows back papers

      'Spurs Stars contract stall concerns fans'
    3. Don Diaz

      Don Diaz Zero tolerance of Numpty's Founding Member

      Jun 2016
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      If they want the same contracts/wages as their peers in the Premier league then it ain't going to happen.....because the club won't pay the wages that Aguero, Costa and the like are on, same goes for Cech, de Gea and Courtois. I reckon that they'll get £100k absolute max. and I think they'll take it.

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