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The Funding of Arsenal FC....... By you and me.

  • Thread starter Rev John Ripsher
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Rev John Ripsher

Rev John Ripsher

Player in Training.
BBC won’t headline this abuse of your money. Why not? You’re funding Arsenal FC.
By wronged | May 30, 2018 | BBC bias

BBC have not, as far as I am aware, publicised another recent abuse of your money from the Foreign Aid budget. I was listenening to LBC the other day and discovered that this year, we gave Rwanda Sixty-Four million pounds, taxpayer pounds, your money for which you have worked in Foreign Aid. Now then, what did Rwanda do with that gift. I expect they duly said thank you as there is much hunger, poverty, poor sanitary conditions and premature deaths in the country to spend it on.
Upon receipt of the monies given, The Rwanda government, under the Leadership of Paul Kagame, decided to sponsor Arsenal FC and gave the club a whopping thirty million pounds of that sixty four million pounds in a sponsorship deal. This means that Arsenal FC will this year have the words Rwanda written on its shirt and maybe the odd logo around the ground. As I see it, we taxpayers have just given a billionaire owned football club thirty million pounds. As if this was acceptable. Don’t they have enough money. I don’t even support Arsenal, but I’m giving them money and so are you.
When I see something that so obviously doesn’t look right, I always try to consider the counter argument. Will this marketing of Arsenal FC promote the country of Rwanda, enough to in time receive a financial return equating with that of thirty million pounds. It is difficult to quantify, but I doubt it very much. It has to said that if I was considering giving money via a charity to a Rwandan appeal, I would refrain from doing so, because I would think that here is a country that has enough money if they afford to give thirty million pounds money away to Arsenal FC.
The other thought I had was, should Arsenal FC have accepted this money from the Rwandan government. Is this the image that British clubs should have? Taking money from a starving, impoverished third world country. The Arsenal supporting Mr Kagame had the choice of either feeding the starving and providing providing health services or giving the money to Arsenel FC. He chose the latter. Where does that put Arsenal FC from a moral point of view. Should they have accepted that money? I’m not so sure they have done. Where are the BBC journalists? Why are they not asking Arsenal FC to respond in accepting this money?
The BBC have found nothing wrong with this, they clearly don’t see this as an outrageous abuse of peoples taxes.I cannot see it on any BBC web page. This is a national scandal yet is being ignored by our national broadcaster. Taxpayers work hard for their money and it is being thrown away and into billionaires pockets, like the owners of Arsenal FC