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Things that need thinking about ?



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People in the know go on about English prem teams needs a break each season , and some suggest doing it after the Xmas games.
What I want to know is , why does the season start July/ Aug ???? Why not start it in Jan , play thru till May, then start again In July, this means they get a massive break, half way thru the season, and therefore will win world cups and the like ( TIC)
Why does a school year also not start in January.......who decided that the start of the football season, should also be the start of the school year ?
If July Aug should be the start of important STARTS , why is tax years starting in May, and Not August, or even 1st Jan

Do Young Boys football club, have a women’s team and if they do, , are they,called Young Boys women’s football team and do they al have to be young transgenders or is it just women, who play for a Boys team

And final,y whilst watching a lot of young girls acedemy football, ,as I do as Callum reffeees many games, why do they always shout “Man on” , that’s just plain weird., when Callum is normally the only man there
And in an acedemy team, at least 60% on all players I see seem to be black, or mixed race, and yet less than 5% of girls football players are black or mixed race., don’t the girls like football


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And why do men have nipples?? always bothered me that .....
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Motspur Hotspur

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Well the school year starts after harvest that's why we get the 6 weeks, not for a rest but to help in the fields! I'm guessing football started in September traditionally as it was the end of the cricket season? I take your point though and not a bad idea.

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