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    Transfer Rumours Summer 2017

    Discussion in 'Transfer Talk & ITK' started by Dorset, Mar 27, 2017.

    1. Dorset

      Dorset The Voice Of Reason Founding Member

      Jul 2016
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      I don't know if we need a new thread for this, but we are almost at that wonderful time of year again, where the fuck did that last year go? . I know most of these stories will be bullshit media speculation but that is what they always are until signatures are on the dotted line. One I noticed today is City are 'confident' they will be getting Danny Rose this summer:

      Manchester City confident of landing Danny Rose with Luke Shaw set to head to Spurs

      Bullshit? Probably as the other bit of news about City said they wanted Wilshere! Ha fuckinhg ha, even Bournemouth don't want to keep him. I really can't see Levy agreeing to sell the best left back in the Premiership to a rival for any amount of money, if he did I would be grumpy with him, so no change there.
    2. Ted the Yid

      Ted the Yid Well-Known Member Founding Member

      Aug 2016
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      “That is the next step for us, and to do that we need to keep this squad together for as long as possible. For the foreseeable future, I don’t think Spurs have to worry about players wanting to leave to achieve success elsewhere."

      Quote from Danny Rose 31st Jan 2017
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    3. Don Diaz

      Don Diaz Zero tolerance of Numpty's Founding Member

      Jun 2016
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      Unless it's even sillier money than the silly money that's being waved about now and recently for players like Bale, Pogba etc. I think it's very unlikely that any of our main first XI will leave. Spurs under Poch have got ourselves to a position where currently we are as likely to win the league and Cups as anyone else, as well as qualifying for the CL. It would realistically only be a Bayern, Real madrid or Barca, plus obscene wages that would tempt them. We're not in the obscene wages bracket yet.

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