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    Was Liverpool just a rare tactical flub by MP?

    Discussion in 'Spurs Discussion' started by Dustin, Feb 14, 2017.

    1. Dustin

      Dustin Player in Training.

      Feb 2017
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      I think for the first time in a while - possibly this season - we were not outrunning and dominating the opposition in the middle of the park. This in part needs to be put on the players. But on an off day, particularly for Wanyama, it seemed that Poch was very slow to see this and instead of changing it up, he doubled down that we could rise to the occasion. While we did look better in the second half, it was primarily because Liverpool were happy to sit back a bit.

      To me the game was simple. Liverpool marked Walker and our right side closely high up and allowed more space on our left as they knew that side would struggle. This was not only because Mane pinned Davies back and Son was impossibly high up the pitch, but equally important because Dier was not comfortable on his left foot under pressure. From the first minutes, we struggled to get the ball out of the back - and that didn't change throughout.

      MP had 4 basic tactical options to get around Liverpool's high press:

      A) Nothing: Tell Davies to step inside and Dembele to cover wide a bit - but basically do nothing major and hope Wanyama realizes that he was playing a football game (he didn't).

      B) The Arsene Wenger: "Oh yeah, you're playing 10 central midfielders? well then I'm pulling my keeper and playing 11." We essentially played a front 3 and desperately needed Eriksen to drop deeper and both Alli and Son to do more to show options for our desperate defenders in the midfield.

      C) Route 1: Tell Kane to use that that front 3 to our advantage and start playing long-ball until Liverpool get the hint. Otherwise, sub Jannsen on for Son at half time and start knocking that ball over the top every time your defenders get pinned back. Probably could do a somewhat similar wide-outlet long ball to Sissoko as well.

      D) Good old width: There were a variety of ways he could have added width to the field, some better than others. But the boldest move would have been to bring on GKN for Son, and move to a 3-4-2-1. Back three of Dier -- Toby -- Davies with Walker and GKN as wingbacks. Now everyone is back on their correct foot and the team is in their comfort zone, we have width and options to get the ball out of the back and attack.

      Very rarely do I feel like I see things that MP hasn't seen 30 minutes (or years) before me. But this one was disappointing.

      I'm not worried about our away record in big games, our youth or our resolve. This team is fantastic, and expecting them to do more than they are at the moment, to me, is being unrealistic. Yes we had a stagnant day and were a step behind, but still - would like to see Jamie Carragher's stats for both home and away this season.

      Ah, PS...I would have went with B in the 10th minute. It was already obvious we had a problem. And unless we had nicked a goal and not conceded would have went with D at half time - that was always going to be our most comfortable set up anyway and Liverpool would be poorly set up to react. Why put GKN on the bench if you're not prepared to use him?

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    2. Don Diaz

      Don Diaz Zero tolerance of Numpty's Founding Member

      Jun 2016
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      I understand the points and rationale you are making, although I'm not any where near the same level of analysis. The 'experts' commentating - Hoddle and an ex Liverpool player I can't remember, only offered Son dropping back to help Davies as a solution, at least initially.

      Poch is still only 44 he I think probably knows he made some mistakes....and will learn from it. The players also let him down not just Davies and Dier, it was poor as Poch himself admitted on many levels. Good time for a kick up the arse though. I expect that has been delivered this week.
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    3. Havocc

      Havocc Well-Known Member Founding Member

      Sep 2016
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      The second goal was an individual mistake, and I am sure in Son took his chance, we would have got a point from that game.

      2 mistakes is all I see from that. Yes, we have played better this season, and Davies was too exposed. But I do not think the whole 90 minute performance should raise any alarm bells.

      We won with a penalty the week before, in an equally disappointing performance, yet the media bigged us up as Chelsea's biggest threat, this week, we are not.
    4. Ted the Yid

      Ted the Yid Well-Known Member Founding Member

      Aug 2016
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      A tough game with Rose being out which may have forced Poch to go back to 4231, not sure if he feels that Davies can play wing back, might be worth getting another player (Shaw maybe?) to compete with Rose and use Davies in the LCB role. If we are going to play 3 at the back we might need a bit more depth in the CB positions.
    5. Thfcire

      Thfcire Well-Known Member Founding Member

      Jun 2016
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      I think the Liverpool game showed up that poch no longer trusts wimmer with good reason he was terrible last game he played.in defence of wimmer he's not a player suited to be thrown in every now and then he needs a run of games Davis is the same.we play 3 at the back I don't think we have the same problems but it also exposed another problem dier ain't a cb in a two as long as I have a hole in my arse ,he's ok in a three with Toby and Jan or at rb but leave him in midfield
    6. Finchbee

      Finchbee Player in Training.

      Nov 2016
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      I cant blame poch! Fact is we have the best defensive record in the league and have hardly played (not sure of number of games) with our 4 best defenders! We miss Jan, We miss Rose and although form may not suggest it we miss Lamela! Also we never beat Liverpool! We have drawn 3 of our last 7 games! We are the best 11 in the league imo but we have not been able to play that 11 all season
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