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Watford (H) PL Sat 19th October 2019 15:00

The Cryptkeeper

The Cryptkeeper

The Aussie Yid
One thing that really gets on my tits is that every time we put in a rubbish performance it seems that a player or two takes to Twitter to either apologise or rally the team.

It’s all club sanctioned, empty bullshit as far as I am concerned.


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Oh..... Watford.....
Well, you have mostly said it all. It's a but shit init.
The back 4 should be sold to the fucking circus or melted down for glue.

Kane is starved of service and is dropping into positions where he is ineffective to try and effect the game. He ain't gonna suck that for much longer. I think we will do well to keep a hold of him now.

Son also must be think what has he done to deserve to be made to play with these useless cunts.

Dele seems to be coming back well but he again, is way off his best.

While running their cunt off, the midfield just dont do enough to create chances. They effectively recycle the ball and facilitate our side to side style of play but the penetration you get from a David Silva, a Luka Modric or even Streaky when he can be fucked is what makes the difference and gives Son, Dele and our biggest asset Kane the ammunition to fire at the enemy.

Soz, and I know this comes across as massively pessimistic but the way I see it is we are done. This squad needs dismantling and rebuilding around the handfull we want to keep. Is Poch up for that again? For me I 100% blame Levys tight arsed penny pinching "no value in the market" bullshit over 3 transfer windows.... he is a double cunt and has shafted our once amazing side for the sake of a fucking balance sheet.

For me we need Sanchez (pony atm) Tanganga, Foyth as our CBs with someone else brought it to make a 4 man CB squad.

We need 2 first choice fullbacks. Davis and KWP are the backups imo. We need these fullbacks to be able first and foremost defend, but they also must be quick. I personally think we should also be looking at young up and coming fast wingers who we could convert to fullbacks so they can perform both jobs required of a modern fullback. If it works it will also gives us flexibility in our approach to games and if they are good enough foing forward we can always pull a Bale and move them forward as they gain experience and warrant their selection further up the field.

Fat Moose, Winks, Skipp are our midfield engines. We need another worldie in there imo. Until Fat Moose becomes Fit Moose he is at best an impact player either off the bench or dragged off at half time... massively disappointed in his conditioning and his application tbh. I dont doubt his ability but it looks like he is skulking round like he is wondering why he came and where the world class side he was promised to be playing with has fucked off to.

Locelso, Dele, Son, Lamella, Moura are our AM's so I'd think we need at minimum another absolute worldie with genuine crazy pace to be a wide attacking threat. I also think we need a creative player, a special player to replace the CBA version of Streky.

So I'd say about half a billion quids worth of ready to go talent is necessary to get us back to compete at the top of this league, and back into CL consideration.

CB 1 - 50,000,000
FB 1 - 45,000,000
FB 2 - 40,000,000
Young FB 1 - 15,000,000
Young FB 2 - 15,000,000
DLP 1 - 60,000,000
AMF 1- 90,000,000
TOTAL - 315,000,000 (conservative estimates).

The issue is that there is absolutely no guarantee that these acquisitions will come off and we may find ourselves spends half that again next summer to get closer to the squad we need. So over 2 years you could easily round it up to the 500 mill figure.

We'll also be competing against current sides occupying those positions who will also be looking to do exactly the same as us with bigger budgets for both players and wages and more attractive competitions to play in. Levy may have to overpay..... Hahahahaaaaaa...!!!

Oh well, the ride was fantastic while it lasted and I dont expect Levy to stump up the cash for another go round so I guess we will just have to get lucky with some youth players and low cost acquisitions again...

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As Pochettino left the press conference room
asked him if Lo Celso or Sessegnon would be involved tomorrow. He said one would, the other wouldn't. I presume Lo Celso, having actually played football this season, will be the one involved.