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Welcome Nuno



@uired and @Jason Forde
Fit into the higher scale of BOAC as future up and coming CC’s…
If the board allows, I propose “FUCC UP’s” to be considered in the new world order.
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Player in Training.
As a side bar to this Nuno thread, I have developed a helpfull list that will enable users to easily distinguish between the levels of cunt we all are apportioning to individuals...

Courtesy of @Dorset, we have the lowest level of cunt, Not A Cunt [NAC].

This is the current status of Mr Santa Clause him self, the THFC manager, Nuno Espirito De Santos... othe notable NAC's would be Bradley Walsh, Ant or Dec... (not sure which one became a bit of a cunt by getting shitfaced and driving into people),Ghandi, Mother Theresa and Philip Schofield.

The next category I'd like to propose is Bit Of A Cunt [BOAC].

This is where the majority of individuals will sit... its very much a transient level and you can side up up down the "cuntometer" whilst remaining a Bit Of A Cunt. Good examples of a BOAC could be me, Gareth Bale, the entire Philimonic Orchestra (juts a bit cunty isn't it),Sir Elton John or basically anyone you could think of. The way I see it is we're all (apart from the aforementioned ordained above) cunts, but we are able to tolerate and even like some cunts more than others.

The top level of cunt reserved for the most heinous level of "cuntishness" is the Cock-Cunt [CC].

CC's are easy to Spot. They're usually called Jose Mourinho, Sol Campbell, Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, whomever decided to call a Marathon Bar a Snickers Bar and Jamie O'Hara's mum for simply not aborting that foetus.

It's considered quite a feat to achieve CC status and once achieved, there is absolutely no way of redeeming yourself. You will forever be a CC.

CC's are a special breed and their ability to continue with their "cuntosity" in the face of pleas for a cessation, verbal abuse, threats of violence or even a distinct lack of any tangible audience, would in any other discipline be applauded. They are and always will be CC's

There is of course a minor sub category that is coined to describe adolescent cunts. The CUNTLING [CNTLNG] is effectively a young cunt in training. Think Justin Beiber (early years, he has now developed into a solid BOAC),that Chav families kid from down the street (if you can't think of one it's your kid and you're the chav family) or Norman from Fireman Sam (That Little Cuntling should have been left to perish numerous times, he cost the Ponty-Pandy taxpayers hundreds of thousands with his cuntosity).

To summarise:

Not A Cunt - NAC
Bit Of A Cunt - BOAC
Cock-Cunt - CC
Cuntling - CNTLNG

Hope this helps.
I'd like to give this the ..

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