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Uk politics...



The Voice Of Reason
Founding Member
Project Fear! Also, companies in Europe who used to export to the UK are saying 'fuck you UK, fuck you and goodbye' because the UK feds are demanding that they register for UK VAT, that is unbelievably fucking mental! Imagine if you were a EU company exporting stuff all around the world and you were expected to register for VAT in every country, produce VAT returns every fucking month for every country, or just one arrogant, self-entitled, xenophobic country who think they are so important - you would say 'no ta, I don't think I'll bother, I'll just stick to the world's largest free trade block ta very much - adios wankers'.

Wanker Johnon's 'deal', the worst trade deal every negotiated in the history of trade, the only one were the outcome was exponentially worse than the pre-deal situation has ensured that UK fishermen get 2.3% more fish, which they will not be able to sell to their usual market, the EU, because of all the customs checks and moronic paperwork, while ignoring the sector that provides 80% of the UK's GDP, services. Even the great Douglas Adams could not have written the script for this, even someone taking a huge amount of drugs could not have dreamt this abortion up.

The British pound is sliding back down the toilet again as Project Reality begins to bite. Cunts like Farage say the EU will collapse within 10 years and Gove says it will all be fantastic.

Here is my new year message to the Brexit supporters following the puppet clown governments calls for reconciliation - Fuck you Brexit cunts fuck you for ever, any Brexit cunt who complains about anything, ever again can fuck off, I hope your life is a fucking misery. Shove your fucking Brexit up your arse. #REJOIN!