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Uk politics...

Don Diaz

Don Diaz

Zero tolerance of Numpty's
Founding Member
The legislation was equally as bad the following shit and unbalanced that 19 of his own disciples rebelled against it.


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Founding Member
why doesnt he have a teleprompter?
Because he is the Prim Minster of a supposed super power and should have enough inteligence to be able to fucking read a script.

If that fails he should have enough nous not to start waffling bollocks about cartoon characters that look like hairdryers...

He is Trump light mate, its fuckin mortifying watching him speak to the only cunts who have a realistic idea of how to pull our country out of levels of debt never see in peace time before and who are now navigating the biggest logistical, goalpost moving, cluster fuck the world has ever seen.

If Labour don't wipe the fucking floor with them in the next GE then for me, that will be time to start seriously thinking about an exit plan.

I don't think Labour will perform better politically as they're weak as piss right now. I actually think a Labour government will make me personally worse off but I'd hope that the country's infrastructure and social equality might at least get looked at seriously...

There needs to be a new form of common sense socialism that looks to use the big business in this country and the mega wealthy to build up the rest. I'm not talking about penalising companies or people for doing well, im actually talking about companies with genuine social responsibility for the community and workers that they operate in.

That way we can encourage (without the use of Peppa fucking Pig) business to be successful and give them breaks where possible (not loop holes to funnel funds out of the nation) because that'll benefit everyone when they're successful.